Posted: 27.09.2023 16:41:00

Guys from our courtyard

The Belarusian beach soccer team is among the top three squads in Europe

If someone suddenly, sinfully, thought that Belarusians had forgotten how to play football or, moreover, never knew how to play football, then it’s time to take off your eyes and take a close look at the modest guys from the Belarusian beach soccer team. They are an example of the fact that nothing is impossible with due diligence and talent to work. These modest guys, without pathos and aplomb, do not have big contracts and do not pretend to be stars. They are simple people from the Belarusian outback, who sincerely love their work. And therefore they give themselves to him with all their soul and are devoted with all their heart. Hence the result.
This year, the wards of the Spanish coach Nicolas Alvarado made a real splash three times, performing a small sporting feat: having gone through the tough crucible of the qualifying tournament, firstly, they won the right to compete in the final stage of the World Championship for the third time in a row; secondly, they became winners of the incredibly rated 2nd CIS Games (six out of eight teams were in the world top pool); thirdly, they won three bronze medals in the final round of the Euroleague (analogous to the European Championship), which kicked off on Sunday in Italy. The Portuguese national team — the recognised favourite of all beach football battles — was defeated (6:5) in a dramatic and spectacular decisive match in Sardinia.
In Italy, our team did not surpass itself, but was at its best
The centre for the development of beach soccer in Belarus is considered to be Kirovsk, where the champion club is based, but many cities have stadiums and developed infrastructure. For example, our team prepared for the Euroleague in Molodechno — far from the bustle and noise of the capital. Nicolas Alvarado, the Spanish coach, who calls Belarus his second home and never tires of giving our country sincere compliments, was more than pleased with the conditions, and the guys at the stadium in the city park worked with such zeal and spirit that representatives of classical football can only dream of — I saw it myself. And most importantly — the goal! Going to Italy, where the most titled teams of the Old World were to determine the best, the Belarusian team did not set vague goals, such as ‘perform as best as possible’, but set themselves up to the maximum: they saw themselves only as the first! They were so close: in the group stage they suffered their only defeat, disappointingly losing to the home team — 2:4, and in the semi-finals they lost to the Spaniards with the same score. But they confidently defeated Moldova — 9:1, Greece — 7:2, the Swiss, last year’s Euroleague winners in the quarterfinals — 4:3, and crushed the Portuguese. An important and fundamental point is that when the entire world sport is mercilessly affected by politics, like a mangy yard cat with deprivation, in Italy the Belarusian team had no restrictions on its rights: it competed under the national flag and with its native coat of arms on its chest. And the world, as we see, did not collapse because of this fact.
An amazingly cool team has gathered under the leadership of Nicolas Alvarado. Both in terms of human and gaming qualities. If you want, call our team an all-star team, or if you want, call it a team of stars. Both variants are correct. Everyone sticks together here, is able to insure a friend and correct his mistake, as well as take the initiative and decide the outcome of the moment. It is a team of leaders and individuals. In goal are Mikhail Avgustov and Uladzimir Ustsinovich, interchangeable, equally successful and reliable. Ihar Bryshtel is one of the best football players in the world, no one calls him anything other than a legend. The long-time leader of the Belarusian national team plays for the St. Petersburg BSC Kristall, which is rated no less in beach soccer than Manchester City in the big one. He is the best scorer of the Russian championship. Scorer, assistant, brain and conductor of the team, playing equally well in both defence and attack. Ivan Kanstantsinau is the team captain and that says it all. He has a crazy left-footed kick, his cannon shot is rightfully considered one of the most powerful in world beach soccer. Vadzim Bokach is another old-timer, the oldest player on the team. He is the playing coach of the Belarusian champion team TsOR from Kirovsk. In addition, he is an example of professionalism and efficiency. Mikita Chaikouski is a creative, intelligent and tactically competent performer. Yauheni Novikau is one of the best defenders in the world, tall, tenacious, with long legs like a heron. Anatoliy Ryabko is a recognised biclets master, 
a bright and brilliant technician. Yahor Hardzetski is reliable and powerful, like a tank. Artsemi Drozd is unyielding and omnipresent. Yury Piatrouski serves in the Emergencies Ministry and even Cristiano Ronaldo can envy his physical conditions. Aleh Hapon is a master of pressing, as agile as a panther and fast as a cheetah. Well, together they are undoubtedly the best team in Belarus in team sports. Bravo, guys, and thanks for the emotions!

By Sergei Kanashits