Posted: 03.02.2023 17:05:00

Great Stone Park’s new resident to be engaged in laboratory research

A new resident – Diagnostic Laboratory LLC – has been registered in the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park – as reported on the Park’s website


The Russian company will be involved in a wide range of research in the field of laboratory diagnostics. The new resident intends to rent space in the innovation centre. It is planned that about 100 jobs will be created.

Moreover, the Industrial Park Development Company leadership held a meeting with representatives of the administration of the Chengdu International Railway Port, China’s Sichuan Province. During the negotiations, the parties discussed co-operation in the transport and logistics sector with the participation of the Great Stone Park resident companies.

The Chengdu International Railway Port connects over 100 cities outside of China and is the starting point of the China-Europe Express. More than 5,000 trains depart from the port every year.