Posted: 28.12.2022 10:16:00

Grain harvests in Belarus exceeded last year’s figures by almost 1.5m tonnes

This year, 1 million 370 thousand tonnes more grain and leguminous crops (without rapeseed) have been harvested in Belarus in comparison to the 2021 figures – as informed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

In 2022, 8 million 690 thousand tonnes of grain have been harvested against 7 million 320 thousand tonnes a year ago. The country fully provides itself with food and feed grain. Buckwheat production has doubled, while millet production has grown by 60 percent, and wheat – by 30 percent.

Most of the grain was harvested in the Minsk Region (2 million 226 thousand tonnes). The Grodno Region was in the second place (1 million 759 thousand tonnes), followed by the Brest Region (1 million 567 thousand tonnes), the Mogilev Region (1 million 133 thousand tonnes), the Vitebsk Region (1 million 60 thousand tonnes), and the Gomel Region (945,000 tonnes).