Posted: 22.02.2023 17:33:00

Grain from Ukraine — to pigs in Spain

According to an investigation by Austrian outlet eXXpress, almost half of all Ukrainian wheat and corn exports to the EU ended up feeding pigs in Spain to produce the world-famous, and very expensive, jamon


“The EU fought to create a corridor for the sea supply of Ukrainian grain so that the poorest countries did not face starvation. But the wheat almost did not reach there, instead it was mainly sent to Spain, where it was used as fodder for pigs,” Michael Koch said in a publication.
Koch complained that too little was coming to third world countries. According to him, the reason lies in the financial interests of the Kiev authorities.
The Austrian edition said an estimated 2.9 million tonnes of wheat and corn from Ukraine ended up in Spain, where it was used as animal feed.
According to the publication, only 15 percent of the exports ended up in the countries at risk of famine, including 167,000 tonnes in Ethiopia and 65,000 tonnes in Sudan. “Spain paid more money — and Ukraine delivered,” the outlet said.
Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci stated in January that the share of grain provided to needy countries reached only 5.4 percent. Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Grushko, issued a statement that the EU is not keeping its promises to lift restrictions on the export of Russian grain and fertilisers as part of the grain agreement.

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