Posted: 07.06.2023 15:55:00

Golovchenko to Krasnodar Krai Governor: we’ve achieved significant results in trade-economic sphere

The first day of the Belarusian government delegation’s visit to Sochi – headed by Belarus’ PM Roman Golovchenko – began with a meeting with Governor of the Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev, at which the Belarusian Head of Government assessed the work of the teams of Belarus and the Krasnodar Krai

He noted that since the last meeting, which took place in 2022, the trade- economic co-operation between the two sides has been developing successfully, “This is the result of the fact that we have identified specific areas for working out with you, rigidly fixed tasks, signed a roadmap and organised everything to work out these instructions. It seems to me that our teams as a whole worked effectively.”

The PM stressed that the main measure of the success of any interaction is trade turnover, “2022 was a successful year [in this regard]. This year we also started well: over 4 months we added almost 150 percent to the corresponding period last year. During this time, we have traded for $200m.”

The PM expressed his confidence that if this pace is maintained, the record for last year’s trade turnover will be surpassed.

“This is not an end in itself, but the result of joint work and the implementation of our projects,” the Belarusian Head of Government underlined.

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