Posted: 02.02.2022 13:29:00

Golovchenko: retaliatory measures against Lithuania will be tough

Retaliatory measures against Lithuania will be tough – as stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko when commenting upon the decision taken by Lithuania to stop the transportation of Belarusian potash fertilisers via its territory

“As for retaliatory measures, they will be tough. The President said this. We will respond in kind. The decision has been made, and it will affect the railway transport arriving from the Lithuanian territory. We have proposed our Lithuanian colleagues to negotiate this issue. The doors are not closed. We have proposed to hold consultations in the legal field and to determine our future relationship,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr. Golovchenko added that Lithuania had unilaterally violated a relevant intergovernmental agreement. If the Belarusian side fails to receive a response, then retaliatory measures will be introduced in the coming days.

“Lithuania has stopped accepting Belarusian trains with potassium. The country has long been looking for a way to punish Belarus but has punished itself instead. The Lithuanian economy – in particular, its transport sector – is suffering heavy losses; this causes indignation within these organisations. We have been preparing for this situation – having reoriented our supplies. Because of a longer shipment distance in Russia, our producers have slightly lost in marginality, but it will be compensated by the increase in world prices. Therefore, we have not lost anything. We have rather won,” the Prime Minister said, adding that it is the Lithuanian economy that would experience losses.

“Moreover, we will collect all the fines that are envisaged by termination of these contracts on their part. A corresponding claim has been filed with the Lithuanian court. We will also recover lost profits, and these are huge sums,” Mr. Golovchenko added.