Posted: 08.06.2023 09:28:00

Golovchenko: friendship of our presidents and peoples is at the heart of success of Belarus-Russia relations

That was stated by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during his Sochi meeting with Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin


In particular, Mr. Golovchenko noted that the countries have formed a bilateral comprehensive regulatory framework, ensured systemic co-operation not only in the economy, but also in foreign policy and defence. According to him, joint programmes and projects are being implemented in industry, agriculture, nuclear energy, space exploration, and other spheres.

“Importantly, I consider the created system demonstrates – against the background of an unprecedented pressure – successful results for the economy as a whole,” Belarus’ PM stressed.

Mr. Golovchenko added that Belarus and Russia face many new challenges at present, and they deal with digital sovereignty, transformation and information security.

“These difficulties make us stronger and smarter. I am sure that success is guaranteed, because the friendship of our presidents and peoples is at the heart of these relations," the Prime Minister of Belarus emphasised.