Posted: 27.04.2023 10:43:00

Golovchenko: economies of Belarus and Russia enjoy speeded-up path of development

Despite an unprecedented pressure, the economies of Belarus and Russia have not collapsed, but turned to a dynamic and speeded-up path of development – as stated by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko on meeting the Governor of Russia’s Novosibirsk Region, Andrei Travnikov

“This meeting is taking place in conditions of an enhanced external pressure by the collective West on our countries, so – under these circumstances – we need to demonstrate not only our principles, but also to defend our economic interests and basic values in practice. We have achieved some success in this area. Our economies have not collapsed (though our enemies wished this to happen). On the contrary, they have embarked on a dynamic and speeded-up path of development,” the PM said.

According to Mr. Golovchenko, this is a great merit of the leaders of Belarus and Russia. “We effectively interact with Russia both at the federal and regional levels. Our direct ties with the regions of Russia are the basis for the stability and sustainability of our trade and economic ties,” he noted.

The Republic of Belarus is one of the main partners of the Novosibirsk Region, occupying the 6th place in the region's trade turnover in 2022.