Posted: 15.05.2023 12:00:00

Golovchenko: despite sanctions, Belarusian economy is expected to boost

The work of the Belarusian economy under sanctions has been rebuilt by now – as informed by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko in his talk with the STV TV channel

Mr. Golovchenko recalled President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s instruction to forget about the sanctions. “They exist, but this is no longer an explanation for some difficulties. We have done everything that was necessary. We have rebuilt everything that is possible. Logistics, settlements and flows have been restructured. Following our promise, since April we have actually reached the 2022 level, and we will improve the figures from month to month,” he said.

The PM stressed that there had been earlier many incomprehensible aspects, but the country has left them in the past already.

“We are no longer experiencing any shock. There were a lot of incomprehensible aspect earlier, and we needed to think of how to rebuild certain issues anew. I think, we have already left them all in the past,” Mr. Golovchenko stated.