Posted: 06.12.2022 14:26:00

Golovchenko: complementarity of Belarusian and UAE economies favourably influences co-operation

Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko congratulated the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates on the national holiday: Federation Day

On this occasion, an official reception was held at the UAE Embassy in Minsk on December 5th, and the PM stressed there that, since its formation 51 years ago, the United Arab Emirates has become an example for the whole world of how to effectively use internal opportunities for comprehensive development, harmoniously integrate into the world economy, while maintaining unique, distinctive features, traditions, culture, and statehood.

“Known for its friendly relations to all peoples and cultures, as well as wide opportunities for doing business, the UAE continues to be a donor of peace and security during the current political turbulence, as well as a place of attraction not only for tourists, but also for businessmen from all over the world,” Mr. Golovchenko stressed.

The PM reminded that, in the spring of 2022, the World EXPO held in the Middle East successfully completed its work, despite the serious difficulties associated with COVID restrictions and challenges in the global economy. The UAE insightful leader – with support from the EXPO participating countries, including Belarus – managed to hold that grandiose show, which Mr. Golovchenko also visited as the Belarusian delegation head.

"In connection with the beginning of an active phase of the 28th UN Climate Change Conference in the UAE in 2023, I want to assure our Emirati partners of Belarus' readiness to fully support this event, as well as other creative initiatives of the UAE within the framework of the United Nations and other international platforms," the PM said.

Mr. Golovchenko emphasised that the current leader of the UAE, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, worthily continues the mission of the founders of the Arab Emirates, who proclaimed a peaceful policy and creation of the most favourable conditions for the prosperity of the country and its inhabitants as their main task.

The PM expressed confidence that sincere and open relations between the leaders of the two states – Belarus and the UAE – will further contribute to the development of mutually beneficial co-operation between the countries. Speaking about the development of bilateral relations, Mr. Golovchenko noted a steadily growing mutual interest of Belarusian and Emirati businesses. "The complementarity of our economies is a favourable factor for trade and economic liaison,” he stressed.

The PM also spoke with satisfaction of a significant growth in the volume of foreign trade in 2022, expressing his wish for the need to maintain the achieved dynamics and ensure a further increase in trade turnover, “Belarus is not only striving to use the opportunities of the Emirates' capacious market for exports of goods and services, but, of course, to use the transport and logistics advantages of supplying its products from the United Arab Emirates to the countries of the Middle East. We pin hopes on a counter initiative of the Emirati business.”

Mr. Golovchenko recalled that Belarus has been continuing to implement a flagship investment project with participation of Emirati capital – Northern Waterfront – and assured the Emirati side of its further comprehensive support by the Government of Belarus. “We will be able to build on this success and implement joint projects in other areas, including agriculture, industry, tourism, and medicine," the Belarusian Prime Minister expressed confidence.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Golovchenko quoted the founder of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who once said, “We feel like people who have climbed to the top of the mountain. But when we glance at its foot, we want to climb even higher and reach new heights. Therefore, despite all our achievements, we continue to strive for more.”

“I believe these wise words of the great man should become a motto for the Belarusian-Emirati relations: we should not stop there and are obliged to develop our mutually beneficial co-operation in every way and multiply its results,” the Prime Minister of Belarus stated.