Posted: 12.05.2023 14:57:00

Golovchenko: Belarus-Russia mutual trade increased by 22% in Q1 2023

A very effective decision-making vertical has been built to discuss issues in the Union State format – as stated by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during his working meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Minister of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov

“A very effective vertical of decision-making has been built for discussing issues in the format of the Union State. The heads of state set tough and demanding tasks, and we successfully solve them. We have not only coped with the economic blow that those from outside tried to inflict on us, but we are also entering a completely different trajectory of development. There is quite a clear confirmation of this: our mutual trade volumes in 2022,” Mr. Golovchenko said.

The PM noted that the positive dynamics continue this year as well: the growth against the 2022 figures made 22 percent in January-March. This is a good result, and Mr. Golovchenko explained, “Belarusian and Russian enterprises are linked by very close co-operative relations, which are being strengthened for the benefit of our two states. We always say that a Russian component account for a very significant share in every unit of Belarusian products supplied to the Belarusian, Russian or third-country market. It is important not to forget about this when we talk about co-operation within the framework of the Union State.”

The PM stressed that the two countries face important tasks dealing with the provision of technological sovereignty of the Union State and the protection of national production facilities. This is one of the topics that needs to be discussed on a wide scale.

“We are taking the necessary measures for import substitution as determined by the heads of state. We intend to systematically develop industrial co-operation, and we have taken many steps in this direction already. I am grateful to Russia’s Industry Ministry for a responsible and constructive approach in solving problems,” Mr. Goovchenko added.

The PM also emphasised that a unified industrial policy occupies one of the leading places in the Union State development, and it needs to be filled with real content. All the necessary decisions should be taken in this regard. “This point also needs to be discussed during the meeting,” Mr. Golovchenko addressed the delegation members.

The Russian guests have a rich programme in the country: they will visit several enterprises that play a special role, including in the implementation of Russian programmes and in joint import substitution projects.

“These are the enterprises that work in the field of design and production of electronic component base, electronic engineering, and aircraft construction. We have an extensive agenda, and we are ready to discuss the decisions that need to be implemented by our ministries and enterprises. We are ready for constructive consideration of any issues in the field of industry," Mr. Golovchenko summed up.