Posted: 02.03.2022 16:39:00

Golovchenko: Belarus is doing everything possible to hold Russia-Ukraine talks

Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said this at a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers, BelTA reports


"The situation forces us to take appropriate measures to ensure the military and economic security of the state, stable functioning of the economy, peaceful and calm life of citizens. After yesterday's detailed speech by the Head of State – who gave a clear and unambiguous answer to all speculations and provocations regarding Belarus' involvement in Russia's special military operation – a flow of fakes and outright lies from the anti-Belarusian forces aimed at inciting Belarusian-Ukrainian hostility and belittling Belarus' actions to achieve a peaceful settlement of the conflict intensified, as if at a command. I would like to emphasise that Belarus is now the only country in the world that has really done something to try to reconcile the parties. And this is not just providing a platform for negotiations," Mr. Golovchenko stressed.

The Prime Minister added that the Belarusian side – and primarily, the Head of State – have done a great job to ensure that the first meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian delegations took place in principle. “We are now doing everything possible for the second round of negotiations to take place. Despite this, the anti-Belarusian forces are trying hard to ‘fasten’ us to this conflict," he said.

Mr. Golovchenko drew attention to the fact that the collective West is now introducing new large-scale restrictions on financial, industrial and other sectors of both Russia and Belarus.