Posted: 20.06.2022 17:49:00

Golovchenko and Uzbekistan’s Prime Minister visited Hi-Tech Park

The prime ministers of Belarus and Uzbekistan, Roman Golovchenko and Abdulla Aripov, have visited the Hi-Tech Park today to get acquainted with its products and services that could enjoy demand in the Uzbek market

In particular, LWO presented its Oplati payment system, while R-NOX demonstrated an air quality monitoring platform designed for cities and industrial areas. In turn, LACIT – Laboratory of Digital Technologies showcased solutions for automation and robotization of production processes of industrial enterprises, and KometaRad presented a software package for processing, 3D reconstruction, transmission and storage of medical diagnostic images. Leverex developers showed software solutions in industry, while Gmartikun demonstrated its hardware and software complex for construction, housing and communal services.

The high-level guests also got acquainted with the Hi-Tech Park’s legal conditions and some results of its work. At the moment, 1,064 companies operate here, and more than 40 percent of them use foreign capital. The Hi-Tech Park is export-oriented: exports account for 85-90 percent of total production. It attracts large foreign businesses, and 122 development centres of foreign corporations work here.

The Hi-Tech Park’s residents cover 37 business areas – including advanced solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, development of high-end software, engineering solutions, games and mobile applications.