Posted: 07.09.2022 09:34:00

Global drought damage made $13.2bn in H1 2022

From January-June 2022, a global damage caused by drought amounted to at least $13.2bn, TASS reports


According to the Nikkei economic newspaper – which, in turn, refers to the Aon international insurance company, the EU countries have faced the worst drought in the last half century. It is registered in the west of the US, Pakistan and China.

In China, due to the shallowing of rivers, electricity production at some hydroelectric power plants has decreased by almost 40 percent. In the Sichuan Province, the Toyota Motor Corporation assembly plant was temporarily stopped for this reason.

In June, experts from the Japanese National Institute for Environmental Studies and the University of Tokyo published a report. It reads that, by the mid-21st century, summer drought will not be an exception, but the norm for many areas, including the Mediterranean coast and many parts of South America.