Posted: 27.11.2023 15:24:00

Germany to transfer about 4.8 thousand military and 200 personnel to Lithuania

The appointed German Ambassador to Lithuania, Cornelius Zimmermann, said that Germany will transfer a Bundeswehr brigade to Lithuania, which will include about 4.8 thousand military personnel, 200 civilians will also be sent, TASS reports


Mr. Zimmermann clarified, “I can inform you that we plan to send about 4.8 thousand military personnel to Lithuania as part of the brigade, as well as 200 people of the necessary civilian personnel.”

According to the diplomat, the transfer of military personnel will take place gradually. According to him, in this way the countries want to increase the Bundeswehr contingent in Lithuania, and close co-ordination of efforts is crucial for the sustainability of this process.

Earlier, the Lithuanian Defence Ministry reported that a work plan for the deployment of the allied brigade will be approved in December 2023. In H2 2024, it is planned to sign an intergovernmental agreement on its deployment in Lithuania.