Posted: 29.03.2023 11:45:00

Gaidukevich: the decision to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus will preserve peace

Today, the only way to avoid war is to become stronger, to strengthen the army and weapons, therefore, the decision to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is absolutely logical and is aimed at peace – as stated by Deputy Chairman of the Standing Commission on International Affairs of the House of Representatives at the National Assembly of Belarus Oleg Gaidukevich, commenting on the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow and Minsk agreed to place tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus

Vladimir Putin made this statement on March 25th in an interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin on the Rossiya 24 TV channel. The Russian leader, in particular, said, “From April 3rd, we will start training crews and plan to finish the construction of a special storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus on July 1st.”

On this occasion, the Belarusian parliamentarian noted, “The decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is absolutely correct. Why should we do this? In order to avoid war, so that the likelihood of a military conflict is lower. Why is this so? No matter how much we broadcast that we do not threaten anyone, that we do not want to fight with anyone, that we are a peaceful state – this has never saved us from conflicts and military incursions. Iraq didn’t really threaten anyone, but Iraq was invaded. Why? Because they knew they could win. NATO is not afraid of war with Russia and Belarus. NATO was never afraid and did nothing to prevent this war from happening. The only reason why NATO does not attack Belarus and Russia is the understanding that they cannot win. If they knew or believed, at least in 10 percent of the possibility, that they could defeat us, they would have invaded long ago and done everything to destroy us.”

Oleg Gaidukevich underlined that there is plenty of evidence for this in the world, “Iraq was invaded and destroyed. Yugoslavia was bombed, knowing that it would not be able to answer, and Russia would not intervene. They destroyed Libya for the same reason. These countries did not have nuclear weapons. They will not go to Iran, and therefore they are trying to shake it from the inside. They will never get into China and they will never poke their nose into North Korea: there are nuclear weapons there. Therefore, the only way to avoid war is to become stronger, to strengthen the army and weapons. That’s why, I welcome this decision, it is absolutely logical and is aimed at peace. Let the Polish elite know what a confrontation with us can lead to. It can lead to one thing: to the destruction not only of Poland, but of the whole of Europe. We don’t need a war, but don’t touch us and don’t interfere with us. We will deal with our issues ourselves, without outside interference.”

Back in November 2021, the President of Belarus did not rule out the possibility of deploying Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus. He stated this in an interview with Dmitry Kiselyov, the Director General of Rossiya Segodnya international news agency. The Belarusian Head of State was asked a question about the NATO Secretary General’s statement made shortly before about the possibility of deploying nuclear weapons in Eastern Europe. “I’ll then propose Putin to bring nuclear weapons back to Belarus,” the Belarusian leader replied. “What nuclear weapons?” Dmitry Kiselyov asked. “We will agree on what kind. These will be nuclear weapons that will prove most effective in such an engagement. It's not for nothing that I said: we are ready for this move on the territory of Belarus. As a judicious landlord, I have destroyed nothing,” the Belarusian President noted, referring to the infrastructure for nuclear weapons left over from the Soviet era.