Posted: 07.03.2024 16:47:53

Gaidukevich on what he would gift to Angela Merkel and Elena Zelenskaya on Women’s Day

In his talk with SB TV, deputy of Belarus’ House of Representatives of the National Assembly Oleg Gaidukevich shared his thoughts on what he would gift on March 8th to former German Chancellor Angela Merkel and wife of the President of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya


Oleg Gaidukevich suggested that there would be no better gift than a globe or a world map for the ex-Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. 

“So that she could see where Russia is, what the Union State is, and where Germany is located. We are on the same continent, so there is no need for sanctions, no need for war, and it is better to think about Europe. I would give a globe and a map to every German politician,” he explained.

The parliamentarian would present Elena Zelenskaya a Bible, noting, “Maybe she'll read it and explain to her husband that what he is doing to the Ukrainian people is called genocide, he is destroying his own population! Meanwhile, she is walking around European boutiques and telling fairy tales. Instead of stopping the war, they sit and beg for money, and not for Ukraine, not for Ukrainians, but for themselves. They will steal most of the money that Europe and the USA send to Ukraine. They have already stolen almost everything from the Ukrainian people and left nothing. They are taking away the last human lives. Maybe she will read the Bible someday, become a human being, or at least something will wake up in her soul and she will stop thinking only about herself and her own skin.”

Oleg Gaidukevich also noted that he would give flowers and a greeting card to the Belarusian model Irina Maksimovich, who emotionally defended her homeland at the Miss Europe 2024 contest and put the Ukrainian participant in her place for defaming Belarus and Russia (the corresponding video went viral).

“Who knows, maybe her young man will get jealous, so we have to be careful! Irina Maksimovich is a great young woman!” Oleg Gaidukevich added.