Posted: 11.05.2022 16:13:00

From Belarus to world markets

During the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine, UN Secretary General António Guterres called for the presence of food and fertilisers from Belarus on world markets


“A meaningful solution to global food insecurity requires reintegrating Ukraine’s agricultural production and the food and fertiliser production of Russia and Belarus into world markets,” noted the UN Secretary General.
“Despite the hostilities, I will do my best to maintain dialogue so that this becomes a reality,” added Mr. Guterres.
The topic of sanctions, including those affecting the supply of potash fertilisers to world markets, was touched upon by the President of Belarus,       Aleksandr Lukashenko, in an interview to The Associated Press. “In Europe, America, for example, we are blocked on the supply of Belarusian mineral fertilisers. Listen, in America they are in great demand today. Prices have gone up not only for oil, gas and mineral fertilisers, but also for food. In Europe, even more so. Why do we, like fools, rest our heads against each other and start bludgeoning each other with sanctions?” said the Head of State.
At the same time, the President of Belarus assured that in the current circumstances, it is possible to find solutions, build logistics and supply products. “Lithuania and Latvia have closed their ports for our cargo. Let it be, we are redirecting our cargo to Russia. We have already started delivering potassium. We have sorted out issues related to the supply of petroleum products,” he said.
Aleksandr Lukashenko drew attention to the fact that sanctions have a negative impact on ordinary people in European countries, “Well, I don’t understand why it is necessary for Lithuanians and Latvians to come to us with barrels and canisters for diesel and gasoline [which are cheaper here]? It’s not normal. Who benefits from this? Politicians.”

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