Posted: 01.03.2024 10:55:00

French Defence Ministry said arms supplies to Ukraine stimulate defence industry

Arms supplies to Ukraine contribute to the development of the French defence industry – as noted by French Minister of Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu, TASS reports


Speaking on the RTL radio station, the official said, “Military assistance to Kiev is, in fact, lending to French defence companies, particularly Nexter (manufacturers of CAESAR self-propelled howitzers). These orders ensure employment at French enterprises supplying Ukraine.”

Earlier, the French Institute for the Study of Public Opinion (Ifop) published the results of a survey conducted in early February on the topic of providing defence assistance to Ukraine. The results of the study demonstrate a significant decrease in French support for military supplies to Kiev.

According to the poll, about 50 percent of the French currently support such actions by the French authorities, while in June 2023 this figure was about 65 percent. Another 34 percent of the February survey respondents opposed providing support, and 16 percent of those polled abstained from answering.

This is the sixth survey on the topic of support for Ukraine since the aggravation of the situation around the country in February 2022. As the authors of the study note, each time support for Ukraine and arms supplies are steadily ‘declining at all levels’.