Posted: 23.05.2022 12:12:00

Fox News host says US is one step closer to tyranny

The US has just moved one step closer to tyranny – as pointed out by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, RIA Novosti reports


This is how the journalist commented on the proposal of the Democratic Party to empower law enforcement agencies to prosecute domestic terrorists.

“However, we’ve just moved one step closer to tyranny, even though we may already be living under it thanks to one document that the House of Representatives has dubbed the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act,” Mr. Carlson pointed out.

Moreover, the journalist noted that the concept of ‘domestic terrorism’ is not explained in the bill.

“In other words, this bill directs the FBI, the largest law enforcement agency in the United States, to track Joe Biden’s detractors,” resumed Fox News host.

In addition, he said that the document allows people with weapons to make arrests. The journalist did not rule out that the bill could be abused.