Posted: 16.10.2023 13:10:00

Former US intelligence officer believes Poland, Hungary and Romania can arrange Ukraine’s division

Warsaw, Budapest and Bucharest can divide the territories of Ukraine among themselves, which will lead to the complete collapse of the country – as noted by former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter, RIA Novosti reports


In particular, the former intelligence officer of the US Armed Forces stated, “Now they are saying that Poland may try to divide Western Ukraine, while Hungary may declare its rights to Transcarpathia, and Romania also has its interests. Ukraine will be torn to pieces.”

Moreover, Scott Ritter expressed the opinion that such a scenario would be suicidal for Kiev, since it would lead to the cessation of the existence of Ukraine as a state.

Scott Ritter also drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian army will not be able to continue military operations indefinitely. Currently, Russia has enough troops to defeat the Ukrainian Armed Forces along the entire length of the contact line, the officer concluded.