Posted: 28.09.2022 10:39:00

Former Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski thanked the US for damaging Nord Stream

The Former Polish Foreign Minister, MEP Radoslaw Sikorski, thanked the United States for damaging the Nord Stream gas pipeline, TASS reports


"A small thing, but so much joy,” he tweeted, accompanying a photo from the scene of the accident and the #Nordstream hashtag. "Thank you, USA," the former Polish Foreign Minister posted as well.

In support of his statement, Mr. Sikorski cited the words of American President Joe Biden on February 7th that the United States would put an end to the Nord Stream-2 if Russian troops crossed the border of Ukraine.

According to Mr. Sikorski, damages to the Nord Stream limit the field for manoeuvre for Russia, since if the Russian Federation ‘wants to resume gas supplies to Europe, it will have to negotiate with the countries controlling the Yamal and Druzhba pipelines’.

Three leaks on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines were detected within a few hours. Swedish seismologists registered several explosions.