Posted: 30.11.2021 09:51:00

Fixed-site first aid station to open at Bruzgi centre

As Lyudmila Keda, the Head of the Main Healthcare Department of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, said while visiting the Bruzgi transport and logistics centre, a fixed-site first aid station is planned to open there

Speaking of medical assistance, the specialist noted that it’s being rendered to all those in need since the first day of refugees’ staying, adding, “In recent weeks, we have increased the number of on-duty brigades which include a doctor, one or two paramedics. At night, one brigade usually stays at the transport and logistics centre. An additional ambulance team transports patients to Grodno hospitals.”

By now, outpatient and inpatient care has been provided to 130 refugees. As Ms. Keda noted, more than 1,000 patients have been consulted on the spot. “Children consult doctors more often and 44 small patients have been treated in hospital in six months – since the beginning of the refugee problem. As the weather is getting colder every day, the issue of organising a fixed-site first aid station on the territory of the logistics centre is being considered. Our doctors will then be able to work inside the building. Medical workers of Grodno’s outpatient polyclinic organisations might be involved as well,” she added.

As regards coronavirus infection, Ms. Keda noted, “Refugees stay here for three weeks already but we have registered only one case of the disease so far: the patient is now treated at a university clinic. Children mostly suffer from acute respiratory viral infections, pneumonia or bronchitis – which is due to hypothermia. There are also cases of acute gastroenteritis.”

The specialist stated that the medical care is provided in sufficient volumes at the centre – which yields certain results. “We do not register a great inflow of patients in need of inpatient care. The situation is manageable and under control,” Ms. Keda added.