Posted: 19.04.2024 11:14:26

Fitness trainer explained why belly fat doesn't go away and how to deal with it

Do fat bulges not go away from your belly? Or do you still have ‘love handles’ around your waist though you have lost weight? Do you blame hormones or elevated cortisol for this? A fitness trainer and weight loss expert with 12 years of experience, Sergei Gorbatko, analysed the problem.


The reason that fat does not go away is not at all in hormones or in a slow metabolism.

“Fat deposits on the sides of the waist are a consequence of anatomical features. We do have parietal or subcutaneous fat under the skin, besides, visceral fat surrounds the internal organs. When we overeat for a long time, we create a surplus of calories, which ‘accumulates’ on the belly. But this does not mean that we cannot make a slim waist out of a large belly,” the expert noted.

Sergei Gorbatko also explained how to get rid of the problem, “Get enough sleep and eat more foods rich in B vitamins. Metabolism does not decrease as much with age as many people think. But a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of muscle tissue are much more serious issues that are worth paying attention to. Therefore, as soon as you start eating normally, create a small calorie deficit, and walk more, the belly fat will gradually begin to go away.”