Posted: 15.11.2023 14:12:00

F-16 pilot training centre launched in Romania

The European Pilot Training Centre for F-16 fighters has officially opened at the Romanian 86th Air Base Lieutenant Aviator Gheorghe Mociornita, AFU pilots will be trained there, TASS reports


It is noted that the centre was created within the framework of co-operation between the military departments of Romania and the Netherlands in partnership with Lockheed Martin and with the support of Denmark. The latter, together with the Netherlands, is the co-ordinator of the International F-16 Coalition.

"We are considering the most effective ways to integrate Ukrainian pilots into the training process," the Romanian Defence Minister, Angel Tilvar, said, adding that the centre is also open for the already experienced pilots who want to improve their skill level.

Earlier, the first five F-16 aircraft arrived at the Romanian base. In total, the Netherlands will supply 12-18 of them for the centre. It is expected that the training of Ukrainian pilots will last about six months.