Posted: 11.12.2023 13:35:00

Expert: West will never take responsibility for Ukraine’s failure

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy won’t be allowed to shift responsibility for Kiev’s failure to the West – as noted by former deputy of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, political scientist Spiridon Kilinkarov, in his talk with Channel One


As the speaker noted, it is obvious that the AFU counteroffensive failed, and Zelenskyy is constantly trying to shift responsibility for this to the West.

“He constantly says that weapons and other assistance are not enough. This is an attempt to shift responsibility. I’m convinced that he will not be able to do this. The West will never take responsibility for the failure of this military adventure. The West will not allow the Ukrainian people to become disillusioned with it. The West will continue to try to manipulate these people in the future. Most likely, they will send Zelenskyy somewhere on a very long trip,” Spiridon Kilinkarov stressed, adding that if Zelenskyy does not have an option for 2024, the West will come up with an action plan.

“If Zelenskyy does not have a plan for 2024, knowing how Western intelligence services work, I assure you that they have 3-5 options on how to reformat this regime. The Americans hold the keys to the HR department, and it’s definitely not Zelenskyy who will decide who will occupy what position in the future Ukraine,” the expert concluded.