Posted: 03.02.2023 10:41:00

Expert warns Americans: you are being manipulated and lied to

The United States forms a certain point of view among its citizens, sharing the information that is beneficial to the authorities – as noted by political expert Vadim Borovik in his talk with Alfa Radio

Some time ago, the possibility of statements by supporters of the US ex-leader, Donald Trump, was limited. As the expert noted, those trying to defend an alternative point of view had their social network profiles – including on Twitter – blocked.

“Why is the US not covering the situation in Belarus? This is because it needs to form a certain point of view among Americans, to show [some countries] as enemies and outcasts,” Mr. Borovik said, adding that the US voters are being deceived, since the so-called information bubble is being created around them.

“Under these conditions, they have a vague idea of what is happening in the world. When the United States is undertaking some actions, even of an aggressive nature, they are perceived as normal by society. Information training is conducted before any military operation. You are being manipulated, you are being lied to,” the expert addressed Americans.