Posted: 10.10.2022 11:59:00

Expert: US wants to exclude Russia and its allies from international politics in order to get closer to China

The United States of America wants to continue to dominate the world, but it understands that Russia and China – who do not agree with the policy pursued by Washington – can interfere with this – as stated by political scientist Aleksei Dzermant during his talk with STV TV channel


According to the expert, it was the US struggle to maintain hegemony that became one of the main causes of the conflict in Ukraine.

“The leadership of our country understands very clearly the reasons and goals that started this conflict [in Ukraine]. They lie in the fact that the West, particularly the United States, wants to exclude Russia and its allies from international politics and economics, in fact, destroy them in order to get close to China and continue to dominate the world as it wants,” Alexei Dzermant noted.

Moreover, the political scientist noted that European countries have long lost their sovereignty under the yoke of the United States, so Belarus and its independent policy are like a bone in the throat for them.

“Ukraine was thrown into the furnace for the sake of Western ambitions and the fear of losing position. There should be no illusions about their intentions towards our country. We have long been like a bone in their throat with our truly independent policy. We are an alternative to their unfair world order and an example for others on how to develop independently,” Aleksei Dzermant summed up.