Posted: 07.10.2022 12:36:00

Expert: Ukraine trades its own security

Ukraine, where there is no industry as such, can only trade its territory as a springboard – as noted by political scientist Aleksei Dzermant

Photo: video screenshot

The expert noted that Ukraine cannot position itself as an industrial giant, since it, having no developed industry, is suppressed by Western corporations.

“It remains to trade their territory as a springboard for further expansion to the east. This is what remains when the elites choose the Western path,” the specialist explained.

The political analyst stressed that Belarus is a truly sovereign country, because even with such giants as China and Russia, we can always defend our national interests and reach a compromise on beneficial terms.

“We have something to offer, we do not trade our own security. If we did this, we would tell the Russians to place bases and nuclear weapons with us so that we could threaten our neighbours. But we don’t do this because we take a responsible approach to regional security,” he said.

The expert added, “As soon as the foot of a NATO soldier crosses our border, all available means both in Belarus and in Russia will be used against these states.”