Posted: 12.12.2023 09:52:00

Expert: UAE demonstrates to whole world that it’s possible to reliably and effectively invest in Belarus

On December 8th, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, held talks with the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The UAE is the main trading partner of Belarus among the Arab states, and the presidents discussed issues of deepening co-operation in a number of areas of important projects, which were agreed upon in February 2023. In his talk with Alfa Radio, an expert of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, Aleksei Avdonin, noted that Aleksandr Lukashenko's visit to the Emirates and meeting with the President of this country demonstrates that there is trust in Belarus, and information bombs or sanctions can do nothing.

According to Mr. Avdonin, the meeting of the two heads of state clearly symbolised a high level of mutual understanding and support between the leaders of Belarus and the UAE, “Of course, the United Arab Emirates is now an economic driver. It is an investment centre, where not only finance, but also technology, new developments, and corporations flock. As a result, extremely high rates of economic growth are naturally observed there. For Belarus, a number of areas related to improving the efficiency of its economy are important.”

The expert added that Belarus is primarily interested in joining the development of various technologies in the UAE in order to increase the growth of its own economy. “It is in the UAE that huge amounts of money are being invested by various foreign companies involved into the development of AI and various modern management technologies. Many samples are tested there. Therefore, Belarus is also interested in joining these projects, obtaining technologies and knowledge that will be used in its economy. This will make it possible to increase the growth of Belarus’ economy at a much faster pace, which will accordingly result in a growing well-being of its citizens. Actually, technologies will make Belarusian enterprises to earn much more per unit of time, produce completely different products of a higher level, reduce cost and thereby withstand competition in the global market. The President of Belarus understands that there are significant investments in the UAE, free finances that can be directed to the country. We know that the Arab world, the East, does not just invest based on some mathematical statistics or model: it is ready to invest if it has trust in the country’s leaders and understands the reliability of these financial injections. Actually, investments are very important for Belarus now. Moreover, it is necessary to understand that these investments from the Middle East are clearly identified as international investments anyway,” he explained.

Mr. Avdonin concluded, “In short, the United Arab Emirates demonstrates to everyone that it is possible to invest in Belarus, it is reliable and effective to do this – despite all the sanctions and information campaigns aimed to discredit the republic. With this in view, the visit and meeting of the Head of State with the leadership of the Arab states demonstrate that there is trust in Belarus, that no information bombs or sanctions play their role. Belarus is a solvent, reliable partner, which fulfils its obligations. Accordingly, it is possible to work with it, to create new enterprises and to deepen co-operation. Moreover, the most important point for Arab banks is that we will earn money only together.”