Posted: 15.05.2024 12:24:00

Expert: today Americans spend $1.5bn a day to create fake news

Propaganda has two hundred years of experience, but today it has already reached the point that Americans spend $1.5bn a day to create fakes – as noted by Aleksandr Myasnikov, a writer, historian, and Editor-in-Chief of the Russia – My History project


“People fall for fake news for various reasons. One of them is ignorance of history. Manipulating facts, dates, and everything else enables to create anything. I will reveal the main formula: truth is the only weapon that can achieve something. Because any lie will be exposed years later anyway,” the expert added.

According to the writer, reading can be another important skill against propaganda.

“I always say that it’s necessary to read everything, but in order to read everything, a person needs to have a filter in their head. More than a hundred years ago, in 1918, the book, entitled The Decline of the West by the German philosopher Oswald Spengler – was published. This is such a philosophical work, but it contains a very important aspect that is relevant today in the system of propaganda and anti-propaganda. He considers the British, who have long understood that they need to do a very simple thing. Journalists have to hunt for news and stuff. Actually, there’s no need to hunt for anything, it’s enough just to create news,” the historian noted.

According to Mr. Myasnikov, Spengler made an amazing conclusion, which is very important for all of us.

“He explains how the propaganda system will continue to develop. Moreover, at that time there was no television or Internet, there were only newspapers and magazines. He says that only information will be used as a weapon. Moreover, a special postulate will be launched that the one who owns the information owns the world. Everyone will tell you about it today. Meanwhile, the only thing that creates a filter for information is books, because literature enables people to analyse, teaching them to think. After all, no one else will get into your head and analyse for you,” added the expert.