Posted: 10.08.2022 13:48:00

Expert sheds light on attempted assassination of Belarus’ President

The State Security Committee’s officers have insight on the involvement of the US senior officials in organising an assassination attempt on the Belarusian leader – as informed by political expert Aleksandr Shpakovsky in his talk with Alfa Radio

The expert noted that no matter how the conspirators against the Belarusian authorities approved the actions of Zenkovich and his accomplices, their plans were criminal. “Moreover, they really started to practically implement their operated codenamed Silence. Belarus’ State Security Committee simply outplayed that criminal group. A KGB officer managed to take control of its criminal activities under the guise of a high-ranking Belarusian military, who was allegedly ready to take part in the conspiracy. As a result of an interdepartmental operation of Belarus’ KGB and Russian Federal Security Service, the attackers were detained during their meeting on the territory of the Russian Federation,” he explained.

Mr. Shpakovsky noted that KGB officers have the inside on the involvement of the US senior officials in organising of an assassination attempt on the Belarusian leader. “Yuri Zenkovich is a citizen of the United States, he received the right to practice law there. It should be understood that this is not as easy as it seems. Not all political migrants climb the social ladder in America this way. Of course, Zenkovich had acquaintances in the American political-forming circles, because someone allocated him money to bribe Belarusian servicemen who were supposed to practically assist in the assassination attempt,” he said.

The expert added that the criminals planned to kill not only the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko: they had plans to internment a large number of people.

“Some of the defendants in the coup attempt case have already admitted their guilt. In my opinion, the Belarusian state acts humanely towards such people, as the outcome might be different in other countries: when terrorists are detained there, they are sometimes destroyed,” Mr. Shpakovsky noted.

On July 29th, the Minsk Regional Court began considering the case of Aleksandr Feduta, Yuri Zenkovich, Grigory Kostusev and their accomplices Olga Golubovich and Denis Kravchuk on a coup attempt.

Under the auspices of the US special services, the criminals planned to stage an armed rebellion – codenamed Silence. The group included citizens of Belarus, as well as foreigners who lived in Lithuania, Ukraine and overseas. Yuri Zenkovich acted as the main organiser, he lived in the US for many years.

According to their plan, the criminals intended to kill the Head of State and his family members, to seize radio and TV centres to broadcast their appeal to the nation, and to block internal troops and special purpose police units in Minsk. They also prepared to shut down the country's power system.