Posted: 04.09.2023 17:27:00

Expert shed light on EU economic problems and their consequences

Citizens of the European Union are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in the economy, while electoral campaigns are approaching in some states – as noted by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, in his talk with Alfa Radio

The electorate booed Olaf Scholz at a rally in Munich not long ago. The German Chancellor had to shout over the crowd, trying to convince those gathered of the correctness of the policy chosen by the Government. In response, he was called a ‘warmonger’ and a ‘Judas’.

“We can draw information from Western media and analytical institutions, and there are also official data that European structures submit. The recent level of bankruptcies has set a record. There are problems with heating, although it's still the warm season. Many are terrified of what will happen in winter. Prices and unemployment figures are rising. When talking of this, I mean not only Germany, but also the Baltic States, Poland, and others,” Mr. Eismont said.

According to the expert, a lot of information about economic problems in the EU has been coming recently even from the collective West. “People are clearly dissatisfied, and electoral campaigns are coming soon. With this in view, there might be a very interesting development of events in some countries. I am sure that the rating of the main politicians who took part in the outbreak of the conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine will fall, and there will be few chances for them during the approaching election, if everything stays like this. I mean [French President Emmanuel] Macron, Scholz, and the Baltic leaders. We already see that the leaders involved in these stories are residing in the EU countries where electoral campaigns are gaining momentum,” he added.

Mr. Eismont believes the situation for the current Western authorities will worsen. “People begin to wake up, and information about the reasons of the conflict [in Ukraine] is breaking through. People ask questions about what they have to do with it and why they should pay for it. [US President Joe] Biden visited Hawaii not long ago, and he was welcomed there with indecent gestures and shouts. It is natural: citizens would wonder why $100m are sent to eliminate the consequences of fires in Hawaii and billions of Dollars are allocated to Ukraine,” he concluded.