Posted: 27.01.2023 12:31:00

Expert said EU is displacing refugees, including because of its economic problems

EU countries bordering Belarus continue to behave harshly towards refugees. Another attempt to push people to the territory of Belarus was made by the Lithuanian security forces. During his talk with Alfa Radio, Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Studies (BISI), explained why this is happening and whether it is worth waiting for some development of this topic.

First of all, he stated that the harsh actions of the European security forces are an open manifestation of fascism.

“As they themselves believe, they have a garden of paradise there while we have a jungle here. They identify themselves as a superior race. Consequently, the rest must be destroyed or expelled. It is also necessary to understand that their actions are related to serious economic problems experienced by the Baltic States. They have no money to support refugees and migrants,” the political analyst underlined.

The expert noted that earlier the EU openly declared a policy of openness and actively accepted refugees, hoping that they would provide it with economic growth. But this bet did not work, and now the Europeans have turned their policy in the opposite direction.

“They no longer have resources. They don’t know how to deal with migrants who have been accepted over the past 30-40 years. Moreover, it should be said that their policy in this respect failed. Migrants are not integrated into the economy; they are on subsidies. The EU states expected that the flow of migrants would provide them with economic growth of 3-4 percent, but this led to a decline. And now they have nothing left but to expel any refugees from their territory by any means possible. Nevertheless, the flow will not stop, but will only increase. After all, the stronger the metropolis is closed, the more people want to get there. Imagine what will happen if a mass flow begins in spring. How will they cope with it? No concrete or metal walls will save them.”