Posted: 07.09.2022 13:39:00

Expert: Russia and Belarus are in favour of bipolar world, where West does not dictate how everyone should live

It so happened that Belarus and the Russian Federation took on the mission of breaking the unjust world order – as stressed by political scientist Aleksei Dzermant during his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel


The expert turned to history, “Russia and the Soviet Union came out of WWI and the Civil War with the idea of liberating peoples from colonialism – this idea was picked up by the whole world. Now the leadership of the Russian Federation and we, as its ally, are proclaiming the idea of a bipolar fairer world, where the West does not dictate how everyone should live, where everyone – based on their concepts, ideas and values – builds their statehood, unions and so on,” the political scientist noted.

Aleksei Dzermant also emphasised that this sense of struggle for justice is still intuitive for him, but he admits that after some time new structures of the world may appear.

“The West will no longer dominate. Other poles of power will appear, where both India and Asian countries will receive votes. We are at the forefront of this process. It so happened that Russia and Belarus took on the mission of a geopolitical revolution, breaking the unjust world order that was imposed on us as a result of the defeat in the Cold War. As I see it, a new world with more humane ties is being born now,” he shared his forecast.