Posted: 11.06.2024 15:06:00

Expert: re-equipment of Belarus’ Armed Forces with modern and high-tech models progressing intensively

Military expert Igor Chibisov explained how reliability of the national security system of Belarus and the Union State as a whole is ensured

“Belarus’ defence capability is well established, and the programmes of the Union State are being implemented. The Belarusian army is engaged into an effective solution of the tasks dealing with the provision of weapons, special military equipment, and ammunition. A high degree of combat readiness of the troops is maintained. The country's leadership has made the right decision: not to involve Belarus into an arms race, ensuring not the quantity, but the quality of defence industry products. The re-equipment of the Armed Forces with modern and high-tech models is progressing quite intensively, and about 70 new types of military equipment are put into service annually. Among them are the V-300 Polonez-M missile system, the Rogneda radar station, the BRDM-4B reconnaissance complex, the Rosa radar, night vision devices, as well as other types and the latest systems. Scheduled deliveries of automotive equipment produced domestically (at MAZ and MZKT facilities) are ensured as well,” the expert informed.

As noted by Mr. Chibisov, military-technical co-operation between Belarus and Russia has been in place for more than two decades. “Over this time, Russia has supplied Belarus’ Armed Forces with Iskander missile defence system, Tor-M2 batteries, BTR-82 armoured personnel carriers, unmanned aircraft, and much more. In the future, Russian Su-30SM jets will be sent. Modernisation of weapons, military and special equipment is a very important area, which makes it possible to maximise the potential of military equipment in accordance with modern requirements (at the lowest cost to the state). Belarusians enterprises have competencies to carry out major repairs and modernisation of a wide range of products – including small arms, air defence systems, tanks, and modern aircraft,” he added.

Mr. Chibisov continued, “The successes and achievements of Belarus’ defence complex are evidenced at the traditional MILEX exhibition of military equipment and weapons. Over the years, the show has established itself not only as an important event for the sale of products from the defence sector of the economy, but also as an effective forum for military and military-technical co-operation between government and international organisations. The Minsk exhibition is rightfully considered an authoritative platform for communication between experts in the field of armaments, demonstration of the latest developments in military products, and – most importantly – for the conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts.”