Posted: 27.09.2022 13:26:00

Expert predicted transformation of EU into totalitarian union

By renouncing the right of veto, the European Union will be on the path of becoming a totalitarian union – as stated by political scientist Aleksandr Sosnovsky


The EU wants to abandon the unanimous principle of making foreign policy decisions. Such news appeared back in late June, and in recent days the topic has developed. Politico, citing its sources, wrote that the question of abolishing the right of veto is again heard in Brussels which is associated with anti-Russian sanctions – it will be easier to promote them when voting by the majority principle.

“You can’t, but if you really want to, then you can: this is preached all over Europe. This issue was raised in the EU long before the Ukrainian conflict. The Germans kept saying: ‘We contribute the most to the European Union, why should we wait for some small countries to agree with us?’ They kept saying that the weight of votes in the EU should be different,” Aleksandr Sosnovsky said.

The political scientist drew attention to the fact that the motivation around the issue of the right of veto in the European Union has changed. “When this was discussed in the EU earlier, the reason was purely economic. But now a common enemy has appeared [in the context, Russia is meant] and it, as you know, always unites. In uniting against Russia, all means are good for the West, so the situation is not surprising,” the speaker added.

Aleksandr Sosnovsky expressed confidence that such a decision would be made, and then ‘gradually extended to all other activities and functioning of the EU’.

“Soon, the EU will turn from, as they say in the West, a democratic union into a totalitarian union, in which everything will be decided by those who have more strength and money,” the political scientist predicted.