Posted: 27.05.2024 14:32:00

Expert: Polish authorities conducting information and psychological operations against their people

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that the country's authorities are checking Russia's involvement in a fire at a shopping centre in the north of Warsaw, and political expert Piotr Petrovsky commented on the issue in his talk with Alfa Radio

According to the expert, Poland is actively escalating and creating enemies from Russia and Belarus in its information field, in particular, in order to distract society from internal problems. “Actually, this hysteria can be explained: Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s rating is falling, and gas prices are expected to surge by 50 percent in July. Gas is the basic conversion, it is energy – so the cost of energy carriers will affect all aspects of life, including logistics, prices, and utility bills. What do they [Polish authorities] need? This is the pumping society up with the image of an enemy,” he explained.

Mr. Petrovsky added that distrust in Ukrainian migrants is growing in Poland, and these people are suspected of being Russian and Belarusian agents.

“These people have already become an object of mass terror by the Polish special services, especially after the case of political opponent Tomasz Szmydt who was recognised in Warsaw (without trial) as a Belarusian spy, almost a personal agent of KGB Chief Ivan Tertel. They have hysteria, but, gentlemen, diplomacy must work somehow. Where are your diplomats? You have none of them. You do not even understand what is happening in your country. After all, Tomasz Szmydt is an average representative of the Polish state, who – regardless of who is in power – works inside this state. This man said bluntly that there are many people like him in Poland. We can see for ourselves how discontent manifests itself, what the Poles write and say. The Polish authorities are afraid [of such aspiration for normal co-operation with Belarus and Russia], so they are conducting informational and psychological operations against their own people, trying to brainwash them. This is being done to, firstly, distract people’s attention from the deepest socio-economic crisis developing in Poland and, secondly, to ensure that the rating of this unfortunate, exhausted Donald Tusk is somehow maintained against the background of the image of an enemy,” Mr. Petrovsky added.