Posted: 30.01.2023 14:27:00

Expert on situation at Belarusian border: serious provocations possible, and we must be ready for this

In Belarus, work is currently underway to protect the state border, involving both the army and the police. At the same time, the Government is doing everything in order not to sow panic and not to overheat society by constantly developing the topic of an external threat – as noted by political analyst Vadim Borovik during his talk with Alfa Radio

The President of Belarus approved the decisions on the state border protection in 2023. Programme host Vadim Shepet stressed that the event is planned, takes place annually and, as a rule, concerns the State Border Committee activities. Vadim Borovik, in turn, drew attention to the situation around the borders of Belarus, “In general, the situation in the region is serious, and we see that there is a rather sharp confrontation between our neighbours – Poland and the Baltic States – and Russia. Ukraine is in direct confrontation with the Russian Federation, all this cannot but affect the security of the Republic of Belarus. Also [the situation concerns] economic issues, as the President said, since unprecedented sanctions have been imposed on our country, with trade flows disrupted and cargo delayed in a number of cases. Nevertheless, we are responding to this quite effectively, building a management system based on realities. Today we see that in Belarus, if we talk about the results of 2022, the leadership is an effective crisis manager. Despite the challenges and threats that exist in the economy, the socio-political sphere and security issues, the country demonstrates the ability to work smoothly and efficiently. This is a merit of both the country’s leadership and the citizens of Belarus, who hear the authorities and liaise with them.”

According to the political analyst, the issues of protecting the state border cannot be passing.

“This is an annual event, but in the current situation it is doubly responsible, because cases of violations of our airspace have become more frequent, and provocations [at the border] have become more frequent. We understand that we are constantly being watched from space, with reconnaissance drones being launched here. As far as I remember, over 500 drones were recorded along our border last year, there were cases of violations of our borders. That is, this is a real situation when ‘gloomy storm clouds are drifting’ near the border. We understand that at least serious provocations are possible, so we must be prepared for this. That’s why the Head of State not only heard the report from the Chairman of the State Border Committee and checked the readiness of our border guards to protect the border, but also discussed its significant strengthening.”

The expert underlined that while mobilising resources and forces to protect the state border, the authorities continue to work, develop the economy and do not disturb the peaceful life of ordinary Belarusians.

“we should also mention the armed formations on our border. According to [existing] information, 23,000 servicemen are stationed at our border in neighbouring states. Therefore, now the entire power bloc is involved so that we control the situation in the border regions. Border guards are working at the border, the Armed Forces are involved, air defence systems are working. What is our task? While carrying out this work, do not disturb the peaceful life of our citizens, do not disrupt the economy.”

According to Vadim Borovik, security issues are a very delicate area where it is important to arrange everything correctly to ensure a balance in Belarus. And citizens should understand that today the state is working across all areas.

“I think that Belarusians have come to understand the values of peace and a peaceful life. <...> Citizens should feel their responsibility and involvement in order to contribute to the maximum to maintaining this peace and stability [in Belarus]. On the other hand, one should not sow panic and overheat society by constantly developing the theme of an external threat. Therefore, I see that the President, the Government, and the power bloc are behaving competently, informing the public to the right extent about the challenges and threats that exist, and are conducting an open dialogue [with the public], which is important. That is, everything is open and transparent. Moreover, we always demonstrate to our partners that we are ready to conduct a constructive dialogue and liaise, while we will protect ourselves and have the necessary resources for this.”