Posted: 03.10.2023 16:15:00

Expert on opposition rally in Warsaw: this is just the beginning

Polls in Poland show that the ruling Law and Justice party can win the elections, but is having difficulty forming a majority. An increasing number of citizens express dissatisfaction with the policy of the authorities and join opposition marches. In his talk with Alfa Radio, Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, speculated on what is happening in Poland now and how events may develop in the future.

Elections to Polish Parliament are scheduled for October 15th. Aleksandr Lukashenko has repeatedly stressed that, on the eve of this event, anti-Belarusian and anti-Russian rhetoric in Poland will intensify.

“Anti-Belarusian and anti-Russian rhetoric will definitely escalate, since the ruling elite has no other way out. They initially, 30 years ago, chose a course for the formation of a certain anti-Russia on their territory, and that move eventually led to Poland's entry into NATO. Naturally, NATO is not a peaceful or economic union, but a military-political one. Poland is now being transformed into a militarisation zone, and this is being done at the expense of ordinary Poles. Due to this policy, taxes have been grown in this country, and its debt to Western countries and various funds has also been enlarging. Naturally, a decrease in the level of Poles’ prosperity is now registered, in addition to high inflation and unemployment,” Mr. Avdonin said.

The expert recalled that all opposition rallies in Poland are violently dispersed, but the number of protesters continues to grow. On October 1st, the Million Hearts march was held in Warsaw, gathering about a million of people, according to preliminary information.

“This is just the beginning. The rally took place in Warsaw, but most likely it will cover the whole of Poland in the future. It is important to understand why this is happening. There are some new forces behind these protests, and they definitely oppose the ruling Law and Justice party. Protests do not happen from nothing, and there is a high probability that they are guided by the internal European forces focused not on Washington and London, but on changing the vector of the whole of Europe, national interests, and the national economy. We see how these pro-European forces are gaining an increasing popularity among the population, because they proclaim that it is necessary to stop pursuing a policy of sanctions against Russia and Belarus, it is necessary to negotiate for the sake of obtaining cheap energy resources," Mr. Avdonin noted.

However, as the expert stressed, it can be asserted now that Europe has completely lost its sovereignty and is now under the control of London and Washington. “It will take huge efforts of national elites, European peoples to get out of this Anglo-Saxon ghetto,” Mr. Avdonin added.