Posted: 22.02.2024 11:47:00

Expert on NATO's ‘military Schengen’: it creates another ground to ponder about and continue border strengthening

The NATO countries are demonstrating that they have seriously begun to prepare for war, and this can be viewed as another ground for Belarusians to ponder about and continue strengthening the border – as stated by the Dean of Journalism Department at the Belarusian State University, Aleksei Belyaev, in his talk with Alfa Radio

The Times earlier reported that NATO countries could agree on the creation of a ‘military Schengen’ system before the alliance summit in Washington in July, which would allow military formations to move freely within the borders of the member countries.

“Such ‘military Schengen’ is a conditional name: in fact, the unification of approaches to the transportation of equipment, weapons, and manpower across Europe, and the creation of unified logistics are likely. In short, a theatre of military operations is being formed, and NATO forces will be able to transfer their troops promptly within it – acting without any bureaucratic obstacles and, clearly, heading to our borders. This means that a large amount of equipment will be transferred from overseas at H-day, and they have repeatedly practiced this during military exercises," Mr. Belyaev said.

The expert noted that military vehicles will have to quickly pass highways and railways, and the necessary repairs are being carried out for this at present. “They are developing a unified approach, a standard for the use of military ammunition. People are very seriously preparing for war, preparing to form a single NATO army that will be directed against us. In this regard, they do not just set some abstract goals, but already announce specific deadlines. This army is really preparing, and it's not some fairy tales or horror stories. We see that infrastructure preparations are seriously underway. This is another ground for us to ponder about and start strengthening the border," he added.