Posted: 20.05.2024 13:37:00

Expert: nuclear weapons on Belarus’ territory to remain most important tool for deterring aggression

The military-political situation on Belarusian border with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia is becoming increasingly tense and explosive due to the actions of the collective West. The concentration of Western troops near the borders of Belarus and Russia has now reached a peak compared to the previous two decades, and this refers not only to the troops of neighbouring states. This also includes NATO military formations, mainly American battalion tactical groups, stationed, e.g., at the training ground in Pabrad, 15km from our state border. Under the guise of exercises, NATO troops are practicing offensive actions rather than defensive tasks, which they actively talk about – as noted by military analyst Aleksandr Tikhansky.

“Military activity along our borders is growing both in the west and in the south. NATO is expanding its contingents, while countries unfriendly to us are sharply increasing funding to purchase military equipment and weapons. A military group of 120,000 troops is concentrated near our borders on the Ukrainian side alone, including NATO mercenaries. Moreover, more than 64,000 US military personnel, as well as 33,000 NATO soldiers, are permanently stationed in Europe, with up to 20,000 of them being concentrated near us: in Poland and the Baltic States. If we add to this the colossal expenditure on militarisation, it becomes clear that geopolitical tensions will only increase. All this provokes aggravation of the situation in the region, so nuclear weapons on Belarus’ territory will remain the most important tool for deterring aggression,” the expert believes.