Posted: 27.03.2023 16:58:00

Expert: nuclear energy development is important factor in ensuring Belarus’ national security

Earlier, Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich said that Belarus and Russia plan to expand partnership in nuclear energy. Commenting on that, Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Board of the Republican Belarusian Znanie Society, said that we are almost all time ahead of our competitors.

As noted by the Alfa Radio host, Vadim Shepet, the topic of nuclear energy is now being actively discussed. Not long ago, the Polish Prime Minister and the US President spoke of further steps to build the first Polish nuclear power plant with American participation. Lithuania is also interested in nuclear energy.

“We are almost all time half a step ahead of our competitors. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to understand that there is no care about the environment when nuclear projects are being criticised. This is emphasised by the bet on nuclear energy in Poland. There was so much criticism of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. Why are we being attacked for this? Firstly, we are competitors, while Poles want to be absolute hegemons, a small United States in Central and Eastern Europe. They want to knock out a competitor in any way, so they keep puppets who criticise the Belarusian large-scale industry," Mr. Gigin stressed.

The expert drew attention to another important point, “They [Poles] hate any project in which the Russian Federation participates. Russia is a global competitor for them, and they want to squeeze it out of this region. Now they are openly talking about this.”

At the same time, as Mr. Gigin added, anyone who considers himself a patriot should understand that the development of nuclear energy is a very important factor in ensuring national security, sustainable development of Belarus, and the preservation of the county’s sovereignty.