Posted: 20.11.2023 16:24:00

Expert informed on capabilities of Belarus’ radar stations

In his talk with SB TV, Anatoly Bulavko, the Deputy Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of Belarus, explained what domestic radar stations are capable of


As noted by the programme host, the line of complexes of the Belarusian radio engineering troops includes the latest radar stations that help detect the enemy in the air at lightning speed. Mr. Bulavko responded, “We have a very good school related to radio electronics, and this is undoubtful. It is good that former servicemen of our radio engineering troops work at the domestic enterprises of the military-industrial complex. As a result, true masterpieces are created: our unique radar complexes make it possible to see the enemy at low altitudes and extreme ranges (based on these low altitudes).”

According to Mr. Bulavko, this equipment provides information to aviation military units and anti-aircraft missile forces. “Our newest development, which I would like to draw attention to, is the Rosa radar complex. In my opinion, it is unique, since it helps track cars moving on roads and aerial targets above these cars. In fact, this complex is an all-seeing eye. In addition, all this is carried out at quite serious ranges: at a distance of about 50km and an altitude of up to 100 metres,” he explained.