Posted: 01.02.2023 11:03:00

Expert explains why Western corporations try to turn Ukrainian conflict into religious war

Western corporations unleashing a religious war in Ukraine and destroying Orthodoxy in this country are preparing a new faith for the world – as stated by Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, in his talk with the ONT TV channel


“The idea of a new world order – promoted by large corporations – envisages primarily the destruction of countries’ sovereignty, though states and peoples get self–destructed when they lose their identity: cultural, religious, and so on. The key point for us is to understand the importance of identity, since the latter makes it possible to form a struggle. That is, people will fight for their religion, culture, language and land, but will not fight against corporations if they do not have this identity inside. We are now observing destructive processes in relation to the Orthodox Church on the territory of Ukraine. There is not only the destruction of Orthodoxy there, but also the discrediting of the Catholic faith – Christianity, in principle. Similarly, the discrediting of the Muslim and Jewish faith, as well as religions that are traditional for the Asia-Pacific region, is taking place. Why is this happening? Corporations cannot be imposed a world order where people represent a certain mass that cannot distinguish each other. They should all be one,” the expert explained.

According to Mr. Avdonin, corporations are trying to come up with a new religion based on the existing ones – thus approaching religious syncretism.

“It will then be possible to spread a belief that corporations are a blessing, that they provide shelter, protection and senses. Experiments were conducted on the territory of Ukraine to immerse military personnel in a state of occult. Paganism, unlike Christianity, has the ideas of superhumans: you are better than someone else. This idea would go further: if you are a superhuman, then you a superman, whom bullets cannot kill, and who can easily go into battle. However, this is not true,” he added.