Posted: 02.02.2023 17:03:00

Expert explains why Belarus needs Iskander complexes

Iskander operational-tactical missile systems are necessary for Belarus to ensure national security in order to discourage potential opponents from attacking the country – as stated by Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Republican Znanie Belarusian Society, in his talk with Alfa Radio

On February 1st, the Defence Ministry announced that Belarusian servicemen had started full independent operation of the Iskander missile defence system, and Mr. Gigin commented, “Belarus has long posed to our Russian allies the question of supplying the Belarusian army with the latest weapons. We remember how long there was a conversation about the S-400, Kamov and Mi-28 helicopters, as well as Iskanders. The negotiation process was difficult, but the year 2022 changed a lot. It became obvious that it is necessary to strengthen our [joint Belarusian-Russian military] group, and this is primarily in the interests of Belarus’ national security. I would like to refer to our generals, who are actually highly trained people with excellent military education and practical experience in commanding troops. They understand what they are talking about, and they demonstrate it. [According to them], the task of the armed forces of such a relatively small country as Belarus is to create a national security system that could send a signal to a potential enemy – even in peacetime – that it is better not to come here.”

The expert believes Ukrainians did not dare to attack Belarus for this reason. “There is much talk about why Ukrainians did not penetrate into our country, although there was a frenzied euphoria in Kiev in August-September. Our national security system worked well. Any aircraft – either manned or unpiloted – that illegally crosses our border is destroyed. This indicates a high state of readiness," Mr. Gigin added.