Posted: 12.08.2022 16:26:00

Expert explains whether US could be to blame for coronavirus pandemic

China has not a single biolab globally, while the United States has 40 of them all over the planet, and such data once again confirms that the US may be to blame for the coronavirus pandemic – as noted by a deputy of the House of Representatives and a member of the Communist Party of Belarus, Sergei Klishevich, in his talk with the ONT TV channel

Photo: video screenshot

It was reminded during the broadcast that the Russian Defence Ministry is considering a possibility that the coronavirus infection emerged because of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Since 2009, it has been funded by the PREDICT programme, which studied new types of coronaviruses and bats that were captured for that purpose. Metabiota was one of the project contractors. This company is known for its military and biological activities on the territory of Ukraine. The implementation of the COVID-19 development scenario and the emergency shutdown of the PREDICT programme in 2019 suggest a deliberate nature of the pandemic and the US involvement in its occurrence.

“These facts are indirect, we have not seen any documents. But we all know that China does not actually have a single biological laboratory in the world, while the United States has 40 of them all over the planet. Moreover, they do not simply work: they are rather performing tasks and goals. This is another thesis confirming that Americans contributed to the birth of the coronavirus,” Mr. Klishevich stressed.