Posted: 29.03.2023 17:51:00

Expert explained why Belarus is attractive partner for other countries

The country has never ‘parasitized relationships’ with partners, and it has always shown respect in communication and co-operation – as stated by political expert Vadim Borovik in his talk with the ONT TV channel

Photo: video screenshot

The expert noted that a new architecture of international relations is being built at present – which is a painful process. “Unfortunately, it always goes through certain painful processes up to military conflicts, and we observe this now,” he said.

Mr. Borovik also shared his opinion on why Belarus is an attractive partner on a global scale, “We have never parasitized relationships with those who are ready to communicate with us respectfully. Belarus comes anywhere with specific proposals that are mutually complementary and mutually beneficial for all parties. We have never come with such a philosophy that others should give us something – i.e. resources – while we would not offer anything in return. We have always built relations respectfully with the Russian Federation, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and China.”

The expert stressed that the Head of State was absolutely right when saying that Belarus – as an average European state with an open economy – cannot concentrate its trade flows only at one point.