Posted: 28.11.2023 17:02:00

Expert explained what goals US pursues in Middle East conflict

The United States is interested in instability in the Middle East, and the Head of the Centre for Study of Military and Political Conflicts, military expert Andrei Klintsevich, explained why Americans are heating up the situation


In his talk with Channel One, the expert noted that Americans always pursue several goals when they get involved in any conflict. “From the geopolitical point of view, the main resource with which Americans rule the world is the Dollar. De-dollarization of world economies is now in full swing, and the transition to Yuan and Russian Roubles has started. Other currencies are being used to trade oil, and this is happening in conditions when, over the past three years, Americans have printed 80 percent of their money supply. If these printed Dollars, which are distributed around the world, are not accepted by countries into their turnover, then the American economy will collapse. What needs to be done to force others to accept them? Demonstrational thrashing is required,” Mr. Klintsevich explained.

According to the expert, Americans already did that in relation to the European Union when bombing Yugoslavia. “The EU countries understood that they could be bombed, and the economy would roll back 50 years. Nothing could be done with Ukraine, this ship has sailed, and they understand that. There remains one more region that is important for America. By creating instability, the United States pursues two main goals. Firstly, money will start flowing to America as a safe haven where there is no war, and they will be able to take control of resources. Another goal is related to military-industrial corporations: the more wars, the more they will trade," he said.