Posted: 07.12.2022 10:11:00

Expert: Europe's bet on renewable energy is politically grounded

Europe is trying to reorient its energy sector from oil and gas to renewable sources, but it is doing this primarily not for economic reasons – as explained by Andrei Konoplyanik, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Scientific Council on System Research in Energy


According to Mr. Konoplyanik, everything that is happening in the EU today is being done by hands of local politicians against the interests of Europe itself. "It is clear to me who acts as a puppeteer and pulls the strings. The logic is clear here. Why are European politicians not independent, incompetent? They have been largely ‘grown’ by Americans," he said.

“I understand perfectly well that the bet made in Europe on renewable energy sources is not an economic one, but political. I was convinced of this during numerous informal consultations with my European colleagues. We told them, “Guys, we understand well that your desire to reduce dependence on Russian gas and increase the use of renewable energy resources is determined not actually by economic considerations," the scientist added.

Speaking of the sanctions policy in general, Mr. Konoplyanik shared his view that the Western authorities use restrictions of this kind to divert voters’ attention from internal problems. "A policy based on friendship against someone cannot actually be long-term and strategic. This is because in case of a search for an external enemy, the latter often acts as a cover for failures in domestic politics,” he explained.